Sightseeing tour with Craft museum and Prague Castle

Sightseeing tour with Craft museum and Prague Castle. Prague private tour with Museum Bohemia Tradition 
Prague is amazing mosaic of medieval castles, renaissance palaces, gothic churches and delightful modern cityscape. It hard to fit it all in one excursion, but our purpose is give to you orienteers in Czech history. We will combine car excursion, visit museum and souvenir shop, meeting with work of local craftsman, Czech wine tasting and walking tour through Prague Castle and Castle District.  
The whole trip will take 4 horas. It combines walking and car excursions which makes this option the best bet for those who are visiting Prague for the first time or for those who just want to save his time. During the tour we will make a stop in museum Bohemia Tradition. 

Categoría: Pases y entradas para visitas turísticas.

Inicio en: Praga, República Checa.

Duración: 4 horas.

Precio: 25,00 euros.

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