Prague Quest-Tour – A Historical Treasure Hunt

Prague Quest-Tour – A Historical Treasure Hunt

Do you like walking in old towns and imagining how it was in the past? What about playing puzzle games? Are you enchanted by Prague and do you want to get lost in its narrow streets? Quest-tour is a thrilling way to explore the city from a much different angle, through a game that lasts 2-3 horas. It combines the fun of a treasure hunt with a sightseeing tour of the city. Guided from any smartphone, players make their way through the city, following the route from one point to another, searching for answers, performing different tasks, solving clues, and completing challenges. The tour is private but to make it more fun there’s a possibility to make it as a race with other teams. 

Categoría: Tours y visitas turísticas.

Inicio en: Praga, República Checa.

Duración: 3 horas.

Precio: 20,00 euros.

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