iGroup 20 People at Apple Museum: Discount PASS

iGroup 20 People at Apple Museum: Discount PASSDiscount PASS for a Group up to 20 people.

Welcome to the Apple Museum, the largest private collection of Apple products in the world.

You can look to the recent past and put yourself into the time when Steve Jobs constructed first personal computer Apple in his parents’ garage along with Steve Wozniak.

Prague is the first city, where you can see this unique exhibition. The exhibition includes the most complex collection of Apple products from 1976 till 2012 and other Apple, Pixar and Next products.

Categoría: Pases y entradas para visitas turísticas.

Inicio en: Praga, República Checa.

Duración: 40 to 60 mins.

Precio: 110,00 euros.


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