Experience the most unforgettable evening in Prague!

Experience the most unforgettable evening in Prague!. We take the best Czech food from one of the leading restaurants in Prague, the best Czech drinks, fabulous global travellers, mix it all up in a fun filled hosted night in a great location to create The Best Czech Experience you can have anywhere in the Czech Republic.
Located in Prague’s Old Town (in a dungeon of course!), over 3.5 hours, we connect world travellers with the best we Czechs have to offer and with each other. Our price is all inclusive of a 15 course dining experience, great Czech beer and other happiness inducing beverages, and the journey into the Czech culture and curiosities led by our English speaking host. We only accommodate a maximum of 20 guests per night, so no need to worry about excessive crowds. It’s a fun way to spend an evening filling your tummy and soul after a day of exploring Prague. 

Categoría: Gastronomía, vino y vida nocturna.

Inicio en: Prague, Czech Republic.

Duración: 3 hours 30 minutes.

Precio: 98,50 euros.


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